Veigartee – Rip Dmx Shirt

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“Mitchell Black is a Chicago-based wallpaper company owned by Lynai Jones, a Black female entrepreneur. Lynai also introduces capsule collections in partnership with other female designers. Her wallpaper is fully customizable in color, it’s available in peel and stick or traditional substrates. She’ll even produce fully custom wallpaper of your own design.”

Rip Dmx Shirt

“It is amazing how you can see the Rip Dmx Shirt Also,I will get this surface of the moon in the detailing of this vessel by Dora Good. I envision adding a single blossoming branch peeking out of the top, almost as a way of bringing together Earth and space.”  “I met Michelle Varian over 20 years ago when she first started designing textiles inspired by her art and creating amazing pillows. Hand-made in linen, silk and velvet; in abstract and floral designs, her Marigold Garden pattern on silk is my favorite.”

Rip Dmx Shirt hoodie

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