to live phish for offering this shit. No, it’s not perfect, but the production has gotten much better. And I don’t think there are any other bands doing this kind of thing. So they’re really breaking some ground. Keep it up, boys! Actually, Widespread has anOfficial Chillin’ With My Peeps Shirt. So, honestly, Phish/ could do a little better for their fans. Phish only offers steams of some of their shows, and only paid. And, they don’t even give you a free download when you buy the stream for the show. Though, you don’t see many bands doing live video streams of their concerts.

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Moving forward, I’ll try to do a Top Broadcasts wrap after each broadcast window. So it’ll be more aligned with theOfficial Chillin’ With My Peeps Shirt. Man, this is what I’m loving about RPAN. (Ok, it’s one thing I’m loving about RPAN- there’s a lot to love!) But I’m really loving how you guys are taking input from the community and actually acting on it. I feel like you’re really approachable, and like you hear us and try to wherever you can. It’s impressive! Thanks, dudes. Aw, thanks that’s really nice of you to say! The admins brought me on board as they’ve been swamped with developing this feature.

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Ok so coming from another female perspective. Obviously, you both share responsibility at the start of the FWB thing, not theOfficial Chillin’ With My Peeps Shirt. After you have the discussion about stopping for good though, Jill is completely in the wrong. It sounds like she did indeed you, no role reversal needed, when I was reading that I was like “oh shit she’s really going to rape him”. And when you had Jane over she would have NO right to barge in or be mad because you had told her you wanted to stop, no matter if she agreed or not if you no longer want to hook up than there is not consent.
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