If I remember correctly, an abandoned plot line for Force Awakens involved visiting theOfficial Top Catagonia Cat Meowntains Shirt of the Death Star looking for some kind of McGuffin. So it looks like that is back on the table now. I bet it’s the second death star. Palpatine dying there probably made it kind of Dark Side Force Nexus. I’m putting my money on Kylo taking the Skywalker name and turning away from the dark side and we finally get full-on Rey Kylo team-up against the Knights of Ren and the First Order. Plus bringing the emperor back into things corroborates the idea of there always being a deeper, greater evil hiding behind the scenes which was central to the other movies.

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I don’t even care about all the dumb stuff that has happened in theOfficial Top Catagonia Cat Meowntains Shirt trilogy, if she is related to Palpatine, then I’m hyped af. I’m not sure if they went crazy, but then again it’s been years since I’ve read it. It’s long overdue for a re-read. Instead of letting things change, being open to new ideas and people, a fitting resolution to Rey’s arc of being chained to the past and growing to be open and for the future. I think that after Kylo runs out of options he decides to turn to Palpatine, or whatever-related to him that he can find. He goes to the death star wreckage.

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My guess is that Rey is actually a Skywalker. TheOfficial Top Catagonia Cat Meowntains Shirt from Leia will take place in the same scene that she reveals this to Rey. The Rise of Skywalker is actually referencing her rise to become a true Jedi. I’m thinking that too. Maybe a new form of force user that uses both the light and the dark side! With Kylo helping! Man, I’d love to see Hayden again. I know its unlikely but I hope hes in it. As much hate as he got, he did his best that’s for sure. I like him a lot as Anakin. It would make perfect sense and also validate the , which would be an amicable way to make everyone happy.
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