I’ve basically been watching the series since Disney + started. I’ve barely made it to season 3,Official Wild Card Round Shirt average about episode or two a day. This is up there with Batman the animated series. All manner of beasts, gargoyles being the entire plot one would expect a bestiary involved. Anubis the god of death takes over a couple of bodies and kills every living thing at one point. They didn’t hold back. They thought of it or wanted to toss it against the wall and see if it fit?

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There hasn’t been a good reboot from Disney yet.Official Wild Card Round Shirt doesn’t know. People think that this one would work when none of theirs have so far. I’d rather they funnel those resources into thought-out. New concepts instead of just rehashing what’s already been done well. There’s no reason not to as long as they can come to an agreement with the creator and hopefully get him on board to direct/produce so he can his original ideas and push them farther ahead with a fresh lease on the series.

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The world’s most powerful entertainmentOfficial Wild Card Round Shirt is great. Vampire squid wrapped around the face of human culture. Relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. Well, I enjoy character depth and plots that make sense and are developed enough and don’t rush a plot into a 20min cartoon. And yes it was brilliant as a kid but as an adult its jarring and crunchy stories. Not every show needs a reboot. It’s a great show, leave it alone. We have plenty of example of Reboot’s that turn out to be hot garbage
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    Awesome shirt. Looks better than pictures

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    The ordering was easy and the shirt looks great. My husband loves it

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    My shirt was just as cool in person as it was in the picture

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    Received my DORIS Day tee shirt in a very short time. Was very satisfied. Love it

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    Love the shirts I bought for my husband and myself!

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