Now that Whiterose is gone, beaten by him, Vintage Optometrist Eye Ophthalmologist Shirt’s mission is complete. It was time for him to let go and let the real Elliot take back over. At least that’s what I got. I might be oversimplifying it. Moving box world was a fantasy where he had a perfect father and was marrying Angela. In the real world, Elliot really did get abused by his father and Angela is really dead. The show is about one of the personalities of a person with a dissociative identity disorder. The personality assumes of the person’s body to help him take control of the world around him and make it a safer place, but in the process, the personality forgets who or what or for what purpose he served.

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It was stated Elliot created “us” “his friend” becauseVintage Optometrist Eye Ophthalmologist Shirt was alone. In the context of the show, the viewers were a host witnessing all of this happening by being by his side. I think the viewer is meant to be inside his head. We see his life from his perspective, hear him think, and are able to see all the personalities inside of him (in the building). Another potential piece is that the other personalities, at the end, saw Elliot’s life like a movie, much like we saw the mastermind’s, over the course of this series. I think in a way, we are Elliot, but just like the Elliot on screen, we weren’t the “real” Elliot the whole time. We were just one aspect of his personality.

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In the theater scene, we see theVintage Optometrist Eye Ophthalmologist Shirt of alters relinquishing all control over host Elliot. Then watching as all the events that happened in the series goes by. This, along with Mr. Robot’s comment that “we’ll always be a part of him” implies that all of the alters are being folded back into the real Elliot. There is no mystery. Tyrell died in the woods and that’s it. He ultimately was just a character to add drama and help advance the hack in the earlier seasons. The conclusion of her story was that moment she closes her eyes on the plane. It may be temporary, but at that moment she can finally rest. And that’s the ending I want for her.
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