Though her being an orphan could also mean thatWonderful Beagle Dog Love Balloons Heart Shirt becomes adopted and decides to take on the Skywalker name since she has no family name of her own. I’m guessing the title means Rey is gonna find a “grey” path between Jedi and Sith and bring true . Revenge of the Sith was about the Sith overthrowing the too powerful Jedi, Return of the Jedi was about the Jedi overthrowing the too powerful Sith. Rise of Skywalker is about finding a middle ground. Kind of wanted to see Rey with a green saber. I also wish she had gone with a dual blade since early on she use her staff like one. Kylo will defeat her. I’m locking in my prediction now.

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I could see The Emperor being in this as a bound essence.Wonderful Beagle Dog Love Balloons Heart Shirt and other Dark Side users cannot become Force Ghosts. They can bind their essence and consciousness to foci of the Dark Side, an object or a location, to persist after death. I think he said that he won’t. If anything, it makes Rey more special because she’s a nobody fighting against. The scion of the franchise – a descendant connected to the three big characters of the trilogy. It’s probably a safe bet thatwho said they were done with SW after TLJ aren’t the ones posting here hyped up.

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It isn’t heartbreaking becauseWonderful Beagle dog Love Balloons Heart Shirt sole purpose was to claim that happiness for the real Elliott. He was just doing what he was meant to do. He didn’t know that he was in a construct of his own creation. It was all about the hero. How that idea can help us change our own fucking world. I first watching after hearing some people talking about it in one of my cybersecurity classes and caught up on season 1 and never stopped. This is up there with all of the great finales and series for me. I can’t wait to see what Sam does next.
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